Project Properties


Project Details


Project details page describes the key properties for the project.  This is used primarily for project management, selection of analysis models.  Click on the “Project Properties” tile on the left-hand side to navigate into the project details tab. 



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Description automatically generated




Project Title


Enter the title of the project here.  This title will also appear in various diagrams, on the title page of word document and excel spreadsheet.   This field is optional but it’s a good practice to fill for your own tracking. 





Project Description


Enter a brief description of the project here for your reference.  This description will also appear when exported to word document and excel spreadsheet.  This field is optional. 





Project Number


Enter your project number for your reference.  This field is optional. 





Project Executor


Enter the name of the project executor for your reference here.  This field is optional. 





Project Checker


Enter the name of the project checker for your reference here.  This field is optional. 







Enter the date in DD/MM/YYYY format.  You can also use the date icon to select the date.  When a new project is started, this defaults to the system date. 





Analysis Model


The software permits two models for conducting analysis


·      Discrete spring bed analysis

·      Elastic Half-space analysis


Use the checkbox to select any one or both of the analysis models. 





The software will perform analysis based the selected analysis models when the compute menu is clicked and display the analysis in the “Discrete Spring Bed Analysis” pane or “Elastic Half-space Analysis” pane. 


Depending on the licenses installed for the machine, the appropriate analysis model will be selectable.  With trial license, the selected analysis can be performed but the analysis of the results cannot be copied, saved or printed. 


Number of load cases


This number defines load cases you wish to analyze for the foundations.  At present a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 load cases are permitted.   The load cases tab (1 - 4) is used to define the details of each load cases. 





The below two system of units are supported.  Use the radio button to select one. 




SI Units – Force is specified in kilo Newtons (kN) and distances in meters (m).


Common American units – Force is specified in kips and length in feet (ft). 

Project Directory


Click on the folder icon to select the project directory for this project.  Its recommended to use separate folders for each project.  This will override the default directory used by the application for saving information