Geotechnical Engineering Modelling Software (GEMS) Cancellation & Refund Policy

LAST UPDATED AS ON: 27th February 2021



Thanks for purchasing our products or subscribing to our services


For Software downloaded and installed on your device

For ‘full perpetual product licenses’ purchased for PCs & macOS (i.e. for software downloaded and installed on your PC / Mac), if you wish to cancel your purchase, you are eligible to receive a full money back refund within 14 days of making the purchase.  We do not give refunds on purchases after 14 days of making the purchase.  If you have installed the license on your computer, your refund will be processed only after you have de-activated your license key on the system on which it is installed.  


For GEMS Cloud Subscriptions

We do not offer refunds on cloud subscriptions with duration of subscription[i] lesser or equal to a month.  You can use the service till the term expires. 

For cloud subscriptions with duration of subscription greater than a month, you can cancel your subscription anytime and you will be refunded for the remaining period of the subscription that was cancelled.  No refunds will be given for the elapsed period of the subscription. 



Refunds may also be used as credits for purchasing or subscribing to other software modules on our website.  Please let us know at the time of cancellation of your purchase or subscription.

In the rare event the subscription is cancelled by the provider, Clause 18 of The Terms of Services will apply.  The customer will be refunded for the remaining period of the subscription from the date of cancellation. 

We will usually process returns within 7 working days of receipt of a cancelled request.  Refunds will be issued using the same means used by the customer to make the payments.  In case we are unable to process the refund using the same means, we may reach out to you to arrange for alternate means. It may take longer for the refund amount to reach your account depending on the time taken by financial institutions involved in the transaction. 

To request for cancellation of purchase or subscription, please contact us at or via our website



Questions or Additional Information 

If you have questions regarding this agreement, please contact Geotechnical Engineering Modelling Software (GEMS) LLP at or via our website



[i] Duration of subscription is calculated from the date the current period of subscription for the module became active.  (It is not the date you began the subscription of the module or made payment or signed up for our services).